Trip Planning Result 

The result of your trip planning appears in tabs as options. For instance, Option 1 Leaving at 2:35p 37 min, Option 2 Leaving at 2:30p 37min, etc.  
Itinerary options are sorted and displayed according to the selection specified previously (Number of Transfers, Duration or Walking Distance). These options were selected in the Sort results by drop-down menu Trip Planning .

Clicking on each tab displays the details of the selected itinerary with the following format: 

  • Trip Date 
  • Number of Transfers 
  • Origin - Where you are leaving from 
  • Stops and Routes for each leg of your trip 
  • Destination - Where you are going to 
  • Time & Walking Distance - Total duration of the trip & The approximate walking distance 

Please note: Itineraries may vary from one day to the next and may change with a future service change. Weekday and weekend service levels may be different and Trip Plans available today, may not be available every day. 

The map on the right displays the origin and destination including the path you will travel to your final destination. 

Print this page and take it with you to help you remember your trip plan, route numbers and transfer points. 

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